• Nicaragua



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  • About:
    This coffee is grown in the tropical hillsides of San Juan del Rio Coco under a canopy of shade trees. The coffee is harvested & processed at the farm before being sent to a central warehouse where it undergoes quality control.
  • Tasting Notes:
    Chocolate, sweet aroma, citrus tones, honeyed, bright medium acidity, well rounded cup
  • Region:
  • Certification:
  • Producer:
    CORCASAN (Cooperative Regionalde Cafetaleros de San Juan de Rio Coco) Formed in 1978, this cooperative is made up of small scale farmers situated around the stunning hills of San Juan del Rio Coco
  • Variety:
    Bourbon, Typica and Caturra
  • Method:
  • Harvest Period:
    November to March
  • Altitude:
    1,200-1,400 meters
  • Roast:
    Medium ( + )