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  • About:
    We source East Timor coffee that has been processed using the wet-milled method as it substantially increases the quality of the beans.
  • Tasting Notes:
    A sweet spicey cup with notes of cloves, leather, tobacco and pepper; a bright orange acidity and a silky body leading a long malt, burnt toffee and walnut finish.
  • Region:
    Maubesse, Atsabe, Lequisa and Aifu
  • Certification:
    Organic & Fairtrade
  • Producer:
    CCT (Cooperativa Cafe Timor) Following East Timor’s Independence in 1999, CCT was established to give farmers control over the way they sold their coffee internationally. The Coop gained its Fairtrade Cert in 2001 & today has over 21,000 members
  • Variety:
    Timor, Arabusta
  • Method:
  • Harvest Period:
    May to September
  • Altitude:
    800-1500 meters
  • Roast:
    Medium ( + )